Expandable Gates in Bloemfontein

Our Expandable Security Gates with our double slam-lock, strong connecting components and expert construction provides maximum security and peace of mind. Our security gates are always built from the ground up with an eye on functionality. If an emergency would arise, our security gates allows you to act quickly to provide a strong barrier between you and the potential threats.

Why Choose Our Expandable Security Gates | Security Doors?

Strong Flights

A stronger cross flight has one purpose, and that is to maximize your safety in the case of an intruder emergency.

Double Lock System

Because our extendable security gates offers a dual lock system option, we are able to offer increased locking strength to help protect your family.

15mm Steel

Our extendable gates are made of 15mm steel composite. It features a double upright open profile to ensure something really sturdy between you and a potential invader.

Our Expandable Security Gate feature list:

• Our Double Action Cross Flights is Bolt Cutter Resistant.
• All our security doors have 2 locks, one hook, and one slamlock.(standard height).
• Our Ball bearings are coated with nylon to ensure a friction free sliding door.
• Our bottom tracks are made with aluminum and stainless steel pop rivets.
• With our unique product you and your loved ones can rest assured and safely behind our 6 line bolt cutter resistant cross flights.
• Our expandable gates also comes in a wide variety of colors to match your house interior with style.

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